Frequently asked questions

1. Can I be sure my information won’t be used for commercial purposes?

We are committed to protecting your data, and we fully subscribe to our privacy policies. Please take time to read those, before creating an account.

2. Is there an uploading limit?

In Faire1Offre preview, there is no upload limit. However, we encourage reasonable usage and we reserve the right to act against any system abuse.

3. Why can't I send emails with Faire1Offre?

If you cannot send emails, it is because you are not using an associated mailto client. To change your email client settings, please consult (for Windows 7) or (for Windows 8).

4. What happens if a property receives more offers at the same time?

Just like in real life, all offers are registered and organized chronologically.

5. Can I upload pictures from an Android/iOS tablet or smartphone?

Yes, Faire1Offre is now fully functional on both Android and iOS.

6. Is it possible to share property ads on social media?

You can associate a Facebook account to your F1O agency's account. This will enable you to share your property ads on your Facebook timeline.