Applicable since 01/11/2014

1. General

1.1. The anonymous Belgian company BIG DATA INVEST SA has developed a website that allows the promotion of real estate listings, the management of the real estate portfolio and sending and receiving offers for purchasing properties.

The website or (hereinafter referred to as "the website") is managed by the anonymous Belgian company BIGDATA INVEST S. A., whose registered office is located on 15 Aimé Smekens street, Schaerbeek, 1030, and is registered under the BCE number 0543.405.381 (hereinafter abbreviated as "F1O").

The website is accessible to the following user categories:

  • professional real estate agents upon their adherence to specific conditions of use that are reserved to them and upon using an username and a password to login in;
  • the staff of real estate agencies who are the only responsibles for grating access to this user category;
  • users authenticated through usernames and passwords.

The website is also accessible for a simple consultation to non-identified users.

BIGDATA INVEST S. A is responsible for the management and technical maintenance of the website. For any inquiries or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact BIGDATA INVEST S. A at

The website is hosted by Microsoft Windows Azure.

2. Scope

2.1. These conditions of use are describing the conditions under which F1O is authorizing access to the website. They are applicable for every person that uses the website in any capacity and any manner, and in particular for consulting a property listing (hereinafter referred to as "user").

These conditions of use contain important legal information concerning the access, the visit and the use of the website along with F1O's rights to intelectual property We advise you to carefully read these conditions before visiting or using the website and its management tools.

By accessing this site, you declare to have been informed about these conditions and to accept their content without any reserves. In the event that you will not agree with the content of these conditions, we kindly ask you not to use the website.

2.2. In the case of real estate agents and other professionals of the industry, the acceptance of these conditions further implies the acceptance, without reserves, of the particular conditions of use of the "" or "" websites.

3. The responsibility of F1O

3.1. The users of this website are the solely responsibles for using the information available on the site or on other linked websites. The users are also responsible of any damage they might cause to other users or third parties as a result of their website use. Except for gross negligence or willful misconduct on their part, F1O and its employees are therefore not responsible for direct and indirect damages of any kind (including loss of profit, costs for acquiring an equivalent product or service or loss of opportunity) caused to the user or to third parties by another user, due to website use or the inability to use the website, for any kind of reason.

3.2. F1O assures the highest care for the website quality, concerning both its content and its structure. F1O strives to provide accurate information and to update and correct any errors as soon as possible after these errors are brought to its attention. Notably, the photographs of the products have only an indicative value.

F1O can in no way guarantee that the website will be free of any inaccuracies at all times and in all circumstances. Therefore, F1O cannot be held responsible for any damage or inconvenience which the user may suffer as a result of incorrect, inaccurate or missing information, or as a result of a lack of clarity of this website or any linked third party website.

3.3. Likewise, the hyperlinks published on the website, as well as advertisements on third parties or products or services offered by third parties, are in no case under theresponsibility of F1O . Therefore, F1O cannot guarantee in any way the quality of the information that users can access through these hyperlinks; under no circumstance is F1O responsible for the compliance of these websites with the applicablelegislation and regulations. The owners of these third party websites are the only responsibles for the content of their websites.

Access to these sites is at the risk of the user, who claims to be informed that they may be subject to other terms and conditions or other regulations for the protection of privacy, and generally to other rules than those applicable to the site F1O. The User agrees, to the necessary extent, to comply with the conditions of access and use of these websites.

3.4. F1O cannot be held responsible for the hyperlinks that are created starting from a thrid party website to the F1O website, nor for the content of these websites whose accurancy is not verified.

3.5. Furthermore, the user agrees that the upload, download and use of information falls under its own responsibility. The user is the solely responsible for the eventual damages that might be caused to his computer, as well as for the eventual lost of any data, as a result of uploading, dowloading or processing information.

F1O and its employees are not responsible for the direct and indirect damage caused by the transmission of viruses and for the consequences that may result or for the occurrence of any event of force majeure, despite the safeguards provided for this purpose by the interruption of access to the Website, following the cuts of communication lines or connection issues, due to an unauthorized access to the website by a third party.

The User also assumes full responsibility for the adequate protection of its computer equipment and for taking the proper actions to preserve it and to backup the data it contains.

3.6. In any case, F1O is not resposible for unforeseeable or consequential damages including, but not limited to, the loss of profit, images, anticipated savings, goodwill or data.

4. Conditions for website access and use

The user agrees to:

  • use the website in accordance with the law and the regulations imposed by these conditions of use; he also agrees to the responsible use of the website;
  • guarantee the truthfulness and accuracy of the information he provides while using the website; he also agrees to provide updated information;
  • not make or attempt to make changes to the website without the prior agreement of F1O and especially not to introduce on the F1O website other websites, logos, pictures or other data, or to create hyperlinks or connection with other websites without receiving in writing the express permission of F1O beforehand;
  • refrain from any act that might directly or indirectly cause malfunctions or unavailability (temporarily or permanently) to the website;
  • refrain from reproducing or communicating without the permission of F1O, on any medium whatsoever, all or part of the contents or structure of the website;
  • compensate F1O and/or its third parties that might be affected by the illegal, improper or abusive use of the website.

Furthermore, in the case of non-compliance by the User to the Terms of Use, F1O is authorized to suspend or withdraw the user's access to the website, without notice and without prejudice to any other recourse.

5. Intellectual Property Rights

The User declares to be informed that F1O is the sole owner of all intellectual property rights relating to the Website and, in particular, of all its components, including, without limitation, the structure of the website, data, logos, content, images, sounds, marks that it contains, but also of the interfaces, layout and computer programs that the website uses.

The User agrees not to undertake anything, directly or indirectly, which is likely to question the validity of the intellectual property rights of F1O or to disturb F1O from exercising these rights.

The access and/or the use of the website does not assign of license the user to any rights, regardeless of their nature.

The reproduction, communication, extraction or/and the reuse of the website and any of its componets (as a whole or as parts), in any kind of form or medium is strictly prohibited without the prior written permission of F1O. The same applies for any adaptation, modification, incorporation, translation and/or marketing action (partial or complete) of the site, its componets and these conditions of use, by any means and in any kind of media.

The user is only allowed to access the website, to view its content and to use the website in accordance with these terms and conditions and the special conditions relating to the real estate agents.

F1O also authorizes the creation of surface linking to the website's HomePage or to an internal page, to the exclusion of all other types of links. Therefore, F1O prohibites, unless previously expressing a written approval, any link or measurement technique, such as deep linking, framing or in-lining, that will directly or indirectly reproduce the entire or parts of the website, by diverting, altering or masking the source of the information or content or by increasing the likelihood of confusion regarding the source of the information or of the content.

F1O forbids all downloads from the website in its entirety (crawling), as well as the collection and/or the indexation of information that the website keeps for statistical purposes.

6. Website availability

F1O undertakes every possible and reasonable measures to ensure the security of the website and its availability, uninterrupted 24/7, and to limit as much as possible the inconveniences caused by technical errors or malicious acts of third parties.

The user exempts F1O from any liability in case of non-availability of the website, malfunctions, errors, bugs or problems of any nature, resulting from a malicious act of a third party or any user of the Website, as well as any information that are published on the website or that are distributed by any other linked websites.

F1O cannot exclude that due to technical reasons, the access or the use of the website might be temporarily suspended. Without prejudice to Article 4, F1O also reserves the right to discontinue, at any time and without prior notice, the access to the site to carry out maintenance or updates. Therefore, F1O also declines any liability for the damage sustained in the event of such an interruption.

7. Modifications of the website and of the conditions of use

F1O reserves the right to modify or withdraw, at any time and without prior notice, the information and prices published on the website.

These conditions of use are also likely to be updated. All of these conditions apply to the user for the session of using the F1O website. F1O will inform the user of any changes to these conditions by mentioning on the website the date of last modification and the latest version available.

The conditions of use that apply to the user for the entire session of using the F1O website are, in any case, those that are present on the website at the time of accessing and using the website.

8. Miscellaneous

8.1. The invalidity of one or more regulations of these terms of use will not detract from the validity, enforceability and binding nature of the other regulations. If one or more provisions are deemed or declared invalid on the basis of a law, a regulation, of a final pronouncement or of a competent court, the strength or scope of other regulations remain intact. The invalid regulation will be replaced with a new regulation that could reproduce as much as possible the original objectives of the invalid one.

8.2. The use of the F1O website and these conditions are subject to Belgian law. The Belgian courts and tribunals of the judicial district of Liege have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute concerning the formation, interpretation and enforcement of these terms.

9. Contact us

We are making every effort to resolve any kind of misunderstandings, complaints, technical or operational problems concerning the website or the quality of its content in a timely manner and within the limits of these Conditions of Use.

If you want to receive further explenations or clarifications regarding these Conditions of Use, please do not hesitate to contact us at