Privacy Policy
Applicable since 01/11/2014

1. General

1.1. During the registration of an user on the website and/or during use, F1O will collect and process that user’s personal information.

1.2. As the responsible for processing this information, F1O has demanded its registration at the Commission for Protecting Privacy. The registration number is 1414576457362.

The responsible for processing this information is BIGDATA INVEST S. A. To contact the responsbile please use the following details:

Phone: +32 477 98 07 51


1.3. The user of the site authorizes F1O to process their personal data in accordance with the Belgian and the European legislation on the protection of privacy and under the limits defined in this Privacy Policy.

2. The nature of the processed information and the purpose of processing this information

2.1. The nature of the personal infromation to be processed

F1O is processing the following information:

  • Surname, first name, birth date, postal address, email address and contact details are collected during the use of the website;
  • Information transfers between F10 and the site users, in particullary by email, concerning the use of the website;

The personal information that an user of the website is providing are registered in a folder that is controlled by F1O and is under its responsibility.

2.2. The purpose of processing personal infromation

The personal information is collected and processed by F10 for the following purposes:

  • Validation of the website use in accordance to the general and the specific rules of use;
  • Informing the users about services offered by F1O;
  • Advertising and marketing by means of an electronic newsletter;
  • Informing the users about promotional offers;
  • Market research.

The processing of users’ personal information si registered at the Commission for Protecting Privacy under the number: 1414576457362.

3. The rights of access, rectification and objection

3.1. The concerned persons may, at any time and no costs, ask F1O for access to their collected personal information. The concerned persons have the right to request the update or to correct the incorrect or incomplete information.

They can object to the processing of their personal information if they provide fair arguments, provided that this doesn’t affect the way F1O is executing its obligations.

The website users can at any present time or in the future object to the use of their personal information by F1O for marketing purposes.

In any case, the personal information will be deleted at the written demand of any user when subscribing or, the latest, 10 years after the last login date of any user.

3.2. The concered persons may exercise the rights described in this section by contacting F1O at the contact details provided above.

4. Security and privacy

4.1. F1O implements reasonable measures to ensure the privacy and the security of the personal data it processes. This information will not be passed to third parties other than F1O partners, unless necessary to implement the terms of both general and specific conditions for website use, if the person concerned has expressed its consent to such transfer or if the transfer is required by a competent authority.

4.2. The user declares to be informed and to consent to third-party companies occasionally manipulating certain data for technical procedures required to ensure the proper functioning and update of the F1O website systems.

The personal data may also be transmitted to financial intermediaries and agencies involved in the payment process, such as OGONE.

5. Navigation information

5.1. F1O collects and conserves certain anonymous "visiting data" concerning the visitors of the website, such as the the domain name and address of the host from which the user has accessed the website, the internet protocol address (IP) of the user’s computer, the time and date of the visit and the URLs from which the user has reached the website.

This information is not associated to an user’s authentification details and will be destroyed after some time.

5.2. The processing of navigation data descibed in this section can be performed by third parties, such as the American company Google Inc. through its « Google Analytics » application.

5.3. Navigation data is collected through cookies. These are text files placed on computers’ hard-drives by the server of an webpage. F1O is using this data to analyze and measure their website attendance, and to provide users with certain features such as their preffered navigation language. Furthermore, cookies are used by F1O to target advertising on the website in accordance with the profile of its user. Notably, browsers can be set to reject cookies. However, the user is informed that some features of the website may only be provided through cookies.

6. Commission for Protecting Privacy

In accordance to the law of December 8, 1992, you are entitled to request additional information from the COMMISSION FOR PROTECTING PRIVACY.

Addresse : PO Box No. 4, Brussels, 37, 1000 Brussels

Phone number : 0032 (0) 221 385 40

Fax number : 0032 (0) 221 385 65


F1O is known there under the registration number 1414576457362, the number it has used to inform the Commission regarding its activity.